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A telephone system is one that will always convert sound signals in waves and they transmitted to far locations where they are received as sound signals. One this that has up to date been the major characteristic of telephone systems is its ability to reach all global citizens under a certain network.Telephone system were invented approximately one hundred years ago and they have always worked in the same principle or style as designed.A combination of digits causes a signal to be passed to the telephone system causing it to ring.The earpiece plays the role of the speaker and the mouthpiece takes the role of a microphone.Telephone systems can be both for domestic as well as commercial purpose but the business telephone systems are different from household telephone systems in some aspects. VOIP,PBX , voice mail as well as a combination of all the telephone systems are some of the features that characterize the business telephone systems.

Telephone systems have been very beneficial to business persons and to individual people in a big way as it has facilitated them to come up with their own systems which enable a linkup between persons or a linkup between people in an office and the main resource area.It is a very cost efficient mode of communication and it will therefore save the company or an individual both time and money. It takes very little time to learn on how to use telephone systems even though scientifically, telephone systems have sophisticated functioning and this has also been much propelled by telephone systems being very user friendly. With all this in mind, the profitability of people as well as the utilization of people in an organization is at its maximum.

It is paramount that businesses learn that by using telephone systems, they can reap of the benefits that come with internet by simply connecting to the internet vial a dial up modem or broadband. Telephone systems have an extra feature in them that enables all international calls to be made at cheap rates and that extra feature is known as IP PBX. The networking of people is also made cost efficient and easy thanks to the use of international telephone systems.

One other advantage of telephone systems is their ability to promote teamwork in an organization or between people who have set to achieve a certain agenda as it even allows queries or clarifications to be made as well as allowing feedback between parties as well as comments. It is more useful for businesses because the interaction of customers is very useful for the success of the business because interaction with customers results in more sales being realized by a company.

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