What Features to Prioritise When Buying a New Mushroom Picking Lorry?

Every mushroom growing farm requires a lot of different equipment to operate smoothly – from scales and watering systems to mushroom picking lorries. Lorries are especially important, since, as their name suggests, they are a key part of the picking process.

In the last couple of years, mushroom picking lorries have gone through many changes, so if a mushroom growing farm still uses some old models, it may be a good time to make a change. But what features to prioritise when buying a new mushroom picking lorry? We’ll explain everything below!

Safety features are key

Workplace injuries lead to lower employee morale and efficiency, as well as unscheduled time off. As such, it should be every mushroom growing farm’s priority to prevent them as much as possible. Thankfully, mushroom picking lorries can have a lot of crucial safety features that will help in this endeavour.

Safety features can be divided into two main categories: electrical and non-electrical. The most important electrical safety feature is the stoppage system. It wouldn’t be logical to expect that an employee will always see an obstacle in the lorry’s road in time and stop it before a collision.

It’s easy to make a mistake in such a stressful situation, where you have a fraction of a second to react. Thanks to the stoppage system, there’s no need to need to rely on human reflexes. The system is very sensitive, so it can quickly and effectively detect even small obstacles. It acts instantly and stops the lorry in the blink of an eye, preventing a collision.

Non-electrical safety features frequently found in high-quality mushroom picking lorries, such as the Newton model, include hand and arm protection, sturdy barriers and a non-slip working platform.

An efficient lorry equals an efficient farm

The farm’s profits depend in large part on how many mushrooms the pickers are able to pick during their shifts. That’s why every modern mushroom picking lorry has some very important features that make picking faster and easier. A prime example is the automated movement of the lorry, facilitated by special electric drives.

It’s possible to automate both the up and down and the left and right movement, although the second one is optional. Either way, automatic movement allows for higher harvesting efficiency per hour, leading to increased profits. This smart design of the trolley also makes it easier to reach and pick mushrooms from the bottom shelf and the last shelf, which used to require additional tools in old, less technologically advanced lorries.

Safety features, such as an automated stoppage system, and the ones related to efficiency (automated movement of the lorry, easy picking from the top and bottom shelf of the shelving) are the most important features to prioritise when buying a new mushroom picking lorry. Fast, efficient and safe picking leads to the whole mushroom growing farm running smoothly and recording high profits, so it’s definitely the way to go. High-quality, modern mushroom picking lorries equipped with all of the aforementioned features … Read More..

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