Get More Engagement on Instagram

Instagram has great power for Digital Marketers and anyone who want to make himself a brand or engage a faithful audience.
If you’ve downloaded Instagram but still do not know how to use it to attract audience, then this article will help you.


1. What is your added value?
As entertainment is social media, it’s important to have a task if you want to attract audience. You are brand and your Instagram profile should reflect that.
A good example of a targeted method is “photogeekdom”, which gives photos making tips and facts. The world of photography has got popularity with the invention of mobile with cameras, and the aim of this social media is to give content to increase your skills of photography. So you will get more Instagram followers.


2. Post regularly
If you want to increase followers, it is vital to publish eye-catching content on a daily routine.
Most famous brands for example Starbucks are amazing in providing new content daily, or even many times a day, but even small businesses can also publish many times a week with a unique and creative Instagram strategy plan.


3. Make good use of hashtags

It is the art of using them smartly and not just publish each post with a dozen hashtags.
Home Depot used hashtags i.e. #DIY to get photos which are not related with DIY projects, but that are engaging audience and source of entertainment for their audience.
Your hashtags must be relevant and amusing. Playing with unique words and research to find what Instagram using for high-volume hashtags to engage.


4. Composition matters a lot

Mobile cameras have become advanced in recent years, so much that no one can make a good excuse for making bad quality photos. If you do not take the time to improve your photos, you may be more and more ignored.
You do not need to become a professional, but you can make sure your that your photos have a structure, attractive colors, proper image, and that you smartly use the space inside the camera.


5. Use a good photo editor

Quality really counts, and Instagram gives limited numbers of filters which we to edit photo. but with the help of photo editing software you can enhance your pictures quality to the max and you can attract audience with them.


6. Think outside the box

Product photographs are amazing, but if that’s all you want to post, you will miss a great opportunity to create some interaction with the audience.
Add variety of content in your feed and make interest of people by sharing relative.Sephora is a best example, they share photos of products which they are selling, but they also display videos, sketches, quotes, and more.
Post content that attract people towards your brand and products.


7. Interact more
Find topics related to your business and product for example the photos of others post. Do not rely just your own content material to attract new audience.
If you want to get more Instagram followers and audience, you need community to like your posts and comments, so they will realize that you’re passionate and committed about promoting your brand. This will develop trust on your brand.