How the New Medic Update Will Affect Your Website Traffic


Naturally, website owners, SEO experts and other enthusiasts are asking Google how they can adhere to the new update and hold their current rankings. Google simply responded with the tweet “just create great content” and pointed out the Quality Raters Guidelines are a great way to help determine what Google considers to be of high quality.


A lot of websites have already began reviewing the content of their website and negative ranking have occurred due to some of the following reasons:

  • A substantial amount of negative reviews
  • Issues of reputation
  • A lack of positive reputation when compared to competitors
  • Selling product that have potential health risks or could compromise people’s safety


If a website has been massively affect by the medic update, if the aforementioned issues aren’t the issue, the content of the YMYL pages of the website may be the problem. In order to repair the effected ranking high quality, accurate content needs to be added to the website using the E-A-T which as 3 rules to adhere by in order to offer quality content.

  • Expertise – does the author of the article have expert knowledge about the field?
  • Authority – is the author well recognised regarding the subject in question?
  • Trustworthiness – is the content of the piece accurate.


Though it has been said that the rules from the YMYL update are much stricter and are showing more signs of an impact, by viewing content with the E-A-T algorithm in mind, it will help for optimising the website.

When it comes to E-A-T there are also ways to help Google identify or website and content as an excellent resource:

Expertise: one of the best ways to show a website has expertise is by publishing content continuously, this indicates that you are knowledgeable about particular fields and offer a variety of answers to different subjects. It also helps to brag about accomplishments on the homepage where Google can easily see certifications and logos from standards organisations if applicable. If an app developers in London has credentials to speak about subject in their field, these should be promoted


Authority: An authority on Google is similar to an expert, but holds much more influence in regards to subjects. For example, someone who is knowledgeable about SEO but has never been hired for their expertise or doesn’t run a blog on the topic can be an expert but doesn’t work as an authority, experts have the knowledge, authorities offer influence.

It’s harder to build authority as it requires more than just researching other peoples information online and posting about it, being paid for your services and even speaking at conferences can help with being identified as an authority. An android app development company will be able to promote themselves at such conferences and show their ability to be better than any other generic writer.


Trustworthiness: This is more about the content offered on the website rather than the author. Trustworthiness mainly comes from being factual with proper grammar. If a Google Quality Rater reviewed your website and saw any incorrect information, it’s likely to give the majority of your website a bad write up. An excellent way to show your expertise and confidence on an article is by giving your reader the ability to offer feedback and comment on the page.


Websites do cross over in different sectors, and the algorithm sometimes impacts sites that it shouldn’t, as sites are broken down the website might be seen as YMYL and 5{7a3749068deca4853a2a4bd9e0171a535fa659d33fb4d58d9b3cc832bf09b66f} of the domain for example will be effected. It can at times, be a case of waiting out the storm and seeing if the affected rankings restore to their rightful place. In the meantime, it’s worth reviewing content to see if it can be optimised, not just for Google, but for your website’s traffic. This update is primarily to give users the best search results and the most informative articles and websites.