Public Cloud or Private Cloud? Guide to Choosing the Best Cloud Service for Your Company

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re considering using a cloud service for your company. However, after doing some research, you find that there are two types of cloud services that can be used: a private cloud and a private cloud. To help you determine the best type of Cloud-managed networks service for your company, take a look at the following guide.

Private Cloud

As the name implies, a private cloud is a cloud service that is used privately by certain companies or parties. This means that to save all your data, you must:

• Build a data center in the company

• Set up a firewall to protect the data center, which can only be accessed through the company intranet.

• Ready to perform data center management, maintenance, and updates regularly.

Public Cloud

Public cloud services are not that different from private clouds. However, you will not be responsible for managing public cloud hosting because:

• Data stored in data center providers (public cloud service providers)

• Providers who will be responsible for data center management and maintenance.


Both private and public Cloud managed sdn networks services use hardware to provide cloud-based data centers. However, given the different types of services, the devices are also different.

• Private service: dedicated – as purchased or leased specifically for your own company

• Public service: shared – because one data center can be used by more than one company.

What Are Your Primary Needs?

The choice of cloud services – private or public – returns to the needs of each business, private cloud is more suitable for large-scale businesses, organizations that need a high level of data security, or businesses that need servers running 24 × 7 hours. . Of course, the private cloud requires more resources, such as time and energy for management and of course budget.

However, if your resources are limited and your business is still small or medium scale, the public cloud is a better choice. With a public cloud, you only need to pay for services according to the capacity you need. You can also scale up or scale down the capacity based on your business needs.